Glasgow Wedding Video Portfolio by Afterglow

I might be giving off 90s VHS vibes with the branding here, but that’s where the comparison ends! Wedding videos have come one hell of a long way since your uncle’s JVC shouldercam got retired, and I’m shooting modern, cinematic wedding documentaries - in Glasgow, throughout Scotland and beyond - with an emphasis on the party energy! Have a look!

A Chinese/Scottish Wedding Video held in Glasgow, Scotland blended to stunning character of the city's street's with the epic flair of the Chinese Lion Dancers who took the night by storm! This wedding included a Chinese Tea party and we also caught a trip to Brewdog on Video.

A super fun Elopement up in Stonehaven, The twist here is that no one apart from the small group that went up north knew they were getting married. A month later I built a cinema in a church for their guests to watch this film and find out they were married!

This epic destination wedding for Colleen & John saw 50 of their nearest and dearest tear it up in a castle for the weekend! We caught a topless calendar shoot, a massive chase down and heard this epic love story unfold!

Weddings in Scotland tend to be a rowdy affair and this party was no different! This Barn Wedding had a belter of a party caught on video! I video loads of weddings over Scotland and this one had it all! Scotland is known for it's Ceilidh Bands and these guys had everyone dancing making the video look epic! The wedding of Amy & Sean took place down at the Barn in Cormiston Farm, Biggar in the south of Scotland. Like most Barn Weddings, there was quite a lot of DIY to be done and our Bride Amy did a smashing job of making Cormiston Farm look like one of Scotland's Leading Wedding Venues!

Shooting Epic Wedding Films Throughout Scotland and Beyond

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