Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the burningest questions that come up the most!

For most of my clients, hiring a videographer is a brand new experience. There’s a lot of questions that come up over and over - here are some of the most common ones!

Can we choose the music in our film?

  • I like to find out your tastes in music beforehand so I can get a good idea of what will work. However, pre-determining what music will be in your film is like predicting exactly what kind of day you will have. Sometimes a heavy dance trance track doesn’t fit over a load of romantic gestures and vice versa! We can’t be using any copyrighted songs - however, I have licences for loads of amazing music which you can browse through on If you hear something you love then feel free to share and I can see if I can mix it into your film!

What time do you arrive/leave?

  • I usually turn up around 3 hours before your ceremony kicks off. This allows me to get everything I need from the morning. I’m usually on site early and may not see you for a wee bit while I grab my establishing shots of the venue, but rest assured I will be around. I typically leave around 10 hours after this which should cover a fair bit of the dancing - however as you’ve watched my films by now (I know this because why else would you be reading my FAQ’s? :P) then you can tell I live for the dancing so I will be sticking around to get loads of that!

When can I expect my wedding film?

  • It varies depending on how far into the season we are. Editing can take a long time especially if I am spending time filming weddings during the busy season so a reasonable expectation would be 12 weeks - however, allow up to 16 weeks to complete your full edit.

What do you wear?

  • I’d love to turn up suited and booted in my finest suit! However, videoing a live event is a very physically demanding job with lots of heavy lifting and running around, so I find it’s better to wear something comfortable during the wedding day. Don’t worry… no socks in crocs here though! I’ll be aiming for smart casual.

Do you charge for travel?

  • Providing you’re within a 100 mile radius of Glasgow (G41 5SG) then there is no charge. I may be required to book a hotel for anything further than that and that would be on a case by case basis.