About Afterglow: Epic Wedding Videos from Glasgow

Hey! I’m Jason, and as you might already know if you’ve been reading attentively, I’m a wedding videographer who lives in Glasgow with my fiancée Jean and our beloved Honey the Whippet. Here’s a bit about who I am, and why you should trust me to shoot your wedding!


The bit where I appear relatable: here are things I enjoy in life!

First and foremost, I love hanging out with my little family in our flat in Glasgow, planning our wedding and bingeing Netflix. I have a big soft spot for nostalgia - maybe you can tell?? - but my nostalgic tastes have some very decent range. The US Office, Pokemon, Robot Wars, Kenan and Kel… Space Jam, Die Hard, Up!

I’m also a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I love rollercoasters and go karting, though I draw the line at bungee jumping (and I’m not into horror movies at all)! And I’m lucky enough to have a very cluttered passport, having travelled lots (including in my work as a wedding videographer).

Why I love being a wedding videographer, and want to shoot your wedding.

The self employed life generally has some serious upside. It’s amazing to be flexible enough to say yes to short notice travel, or take off a weekday to have a spontaneous coffee with a pal. But the pride I feel to be entrusted with memorialising one of the most important days of your lives is the reason I’m in this work.

Being a wedding videographer in Scotland is incredibly exciting and also challenging - so many beautiful landscapes; so much wild weather! But ultimately, the creative challenge of shooting a whole heap of footage on the day, then crafting something after the fact that feels intentional and emotional and true to you… getting to do that as a job is one of life’s greatest privileges I think.

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